Renato Gentile

Autism: my shredded paper


The Autistic Syndrome has always been a source of speculative psychological theories from which anyone has been derived different (every) kind of (really) imaginative therapies: fantasy related approaches. I called so.

We have seen everything and more. Many people (professionals) has become rich, few children has recovered, all parents are still sad and destroyed. Autistic Syndrome children (especially in Italy) has followed all the psychological “fashion” approach of the century. No one has recovered from their disease. And there is another fantastic thing too, a unique strange thing: we do not know yet what (really) autism is but we were found many, and special, different (good) treatments. Is simply spectacular. We have the drug but not the disease. Great fantasy: the art of getting.

My researches, experimental research, lasted more than 20 years, is shredded paper, just waste papers. I failed and I apologize for that; to the parents first. I am so sorry for using the web for emptying my library but I have no one who I leave it.

Thanks for your kind comprehension.

Renato Gentile


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